AutoCult October New Releases •

AutoCult October New Releases

AutoCult Models are back this month with four new announcements,  The feature is the weird and unusual 1:43 Aurel Persu Experimentallimousine ( 1924 ).  It’s nice having these guys around to enlighten us with unique and rare pieces from the past.  Other new 1:43 scale models include:

NSU Thurner RS 1968
Škoda Winnetou 1968
GM Streamliner „Parade of Progress“ 1938

About the Aurel Persu Experimentallimousine…  “Nowadays Normality or The Need for Things to be Invented.  When considering a modern car nowadays, it is possible without saying that the wheels are hidden under the car body – but this has not always been the case. Even in the 1920s, it was usual that the wheels were fixed outside of the car body.The Romanian, Aurel Per?u was dealing with the idea that the wheels should be covered by the body shape because of aerodynamic reasons.

Aurel Per?u, who accomplished his studies in Berlin, returned in his home country Romania during the First World War and was working in Bucharest. After the end of the war, he went back to Germany and was founding a topic in the streamline, which never released him.  In the search of a best aerodynamic body shape for an automobile, he came to the conclusion that the example of a falling drop of water would be the ideal streamlined shape. Aurel Per?u was so convinced of his recognition that in 1922 he even patented his invention in Berlin. His specification was titled as a “four-wheeled streamlined car with installed wheels within the streamlined shape” and translated the falling drop of water into a car body.In 1924 he obtained his patent.He was producing a model in real size to convince his critics in practice, and with which he was going on a promotional tour from 1924. But for financial reasons he had to fall back on existing parts, and therefore his car did not equal the ideal drop shape in no way.
The numerous people, who could look at the car for the first time, hardly realized that the progress: the wheels of the Per?u experimental car were completely included in the shape of the car body and were no longer running free.”

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