Automodello Reveals the 1964 Marcos 1800 •

Automodello Reveals the 1964 Marcos 1800

If you’re looking for a rare and unusual piece, one that will be overlooked by the mainstream, Automodello’s latest effort is the one.  The 1964 Marcos 1800 is captured by the brand in 1:43 scale.  Images highlight the replica in prototype form with an array of colours to follow.  Model is due Spring 2015.

About the Marcos 1800…  “When Jem Marsh and Frank Costin first combined their efforts—and their names—to produce an awkwardly styled but surprisingly effective little wooden monocoque sports car called the Marcos, few would have envisioned it evolving in just a few short years into the sleek machine you see replicated here. The Marcos 1800—so named for its use of the ‘P1800’ Volvo 1783cc inline-4 engine—looks nothing like its forbearer, but hidden beneath the low-slung fiberglass-reinforced plastic body lies the same style wooden monocoque chassis that underpinned the first Marcos.

The body made for tight confines within, but driver and passenger were treated a fair degree of luxury in its 45-degree-reclined seats. Triumph-sourced hood latches allow the entire forward section of the body to tilt, yielding access to the Volvo powerplant, backed by a 4-speed gearbox with an MGB-sourced overdrive unit. The car’s light weight, aero-friendly shape and 114hp made it good for 9-second sprints to 60mph—quite respectable for the day—and with the overdrive engaged could hit 115mph. The stiffly sprung independent suspension yielded impressive grip as well, giving the all-around performance to validate its attention-grabbing looks.”

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