Bburago New "Plus" Series Bugatti Chiron •

Bburago New “Plus” Series Bugatti Chiron

Bburago has come a long way since the original launch of the Lamborghini Countach I bought many moons ago… Their new ‘Plus’ Series will feature the 1:18 Bugatti Chiron in Blue/Black and Red/Black as featured.  Model is completed in diecast, and as the photos show, the Bugatti Chiron gives the end-user access to motor and interior bits.  Well done Bburago!  The model is still in final approval phase, but what is shown here should be on shelves, give or take a few tweaks, later this year!

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bb_Bugatti Chiron9 bb_Bugatti Chiron10 bb_Bugatti Chiron

bb_Bugatti Chiron2 bb_Bugatti Chiron3 bb_Bugatti Chiron4

bb_Bugatti Chiron5

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5 Responses to "Bburago New “Plus” Series Bugatti Chiron"

  1. JS Coleman says:

    Yes, their recent stream of models are vastly superior to the old ones, but buyer beware! They still produce many models on the old moulds, including their Countach, as well as the 300 SL Gullwing. And their Lambo Diablo – that’s rubbish.

  2. Martin says:

    This is rubbish as well if you really want a good scale model, this is more toy than anything else. If Welly is going to make one, there’s maybe a chance of getting a cheap though okay model for the collector. Otherwise you’ll need to wait for Autoart to step up or pay a lot for a MR.

    • JS Coleman says:

      It’ll be no CMC or AUTOart, truth be told, but the recent Bburago models are not “rubbish”. And unlike AUTOart, their quality is actually going up with the price.

    • Roi Tan says:

      Lol! Have you bought their Signature 458 Speciale and Maisto’s exclusive AMG GT?

      The 458 speciale in my opinion is comparable with HWE. There are alot of points in which it is better than HWE and a few points worse than HWE. And IMO, for the price, that’s a big deal.

      The Maisto Exclusive AMG GT, same thing is comparable with Norev’s.

      It’s about time you stop looking down on BBurago and Maisto and check them out. Because I’m really amazed at how good they are yet amazingly cheap

  3. rober drexler says:

    I’m going to need a special return policy to buy a burago model. Maybe a drone landing on my front yard, with the check for the return as well as taking it away . lol

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