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Looksmart Ferrari 812 Superfast – Bianco Fuji (Pearl)

** UPDATED ** Added images of the 1:43 Nero Daytona (Metallic) ** UPDATED ** Added images of the 1:43 Rosso Scuderia (Shiny)  Looksmart unveils the latest colour for their 1:43 Ferrari 812 Superfast, Bianco Fuji (Pearl) is the name.  Inside the interior is treated to  Red/Black finish.  We believe this combo works best, why mess with it.  The Ferrari 812 Continue Reading...
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Looksmart Lamborghini Centenario Roadster – Bianco Canopus

Looksmart is back with what we believe the final colour in their assortment of 1:43 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster.  The colour is defined as Bianco Canopus or White for us common folk.  Interior is treated to a Red/White finish which compliments the exterior nicely. Product# LS465E...
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Looksmart 1:18 Ferrari 512S 24H Daytona #26/#30

** UPDATE ** Added photos of the #30 – Ferrari 512S 24H Daytona Fans of vintage racing with the Ferrari badge may like the latest effort from Looksmart.  The 1:18 Ferrari 512S 24H Daytona #26 is new to the brand.  Another entry to the “Le Mans History Collection” as Looksmart calls it.  Man those rear shoes are fat! Product# LS18_08C Continue Reading...
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Looksmart Ferrari 250LM Le Mans 1965 #25

Looksmart gives us a close-up look at their upcoming 1:43 Ferrari 250LM Le Mans 1965 #25.  The 250LM was officially announced earlier this month as part of Looksmart continued Ferrari Le Mans History Collection.  This model will be available sometime in Q3 2017. Product# LSLM061...
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Looksmart Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Aftermarket – White

** UPDATE ** Added photos of the Rosso Mars.  Sweet! More Lamborghini goodness from Looksmart.  Today we present the 1:43 Huracan Spyder Aftermarket in White or also known as Bianco Monocerus.  Interior features a Black and White theme.  This beauty is available for immediate delivery. Product# LS470B / LS470C  ...
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