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Mark43 New October Releases

New from Mark43 are seventeen new models, though most are colour variants on four different cars from Honda and Subaru marque.  We have each listed below.  The feature model is the Honda Mugen S660 RA in Frame Red. Honda Civic Type R (EK 9) Early Type Championship White Honda Civic Type R (EK 9) Early Type carbon bonnet Championship White Continue Reading...
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Mark43 New September Releases

Twenty-three new models and variants are now available from Mark 43.  The feature position is held by the Honda S2000 Type-S in Apex Blue Pearl.  Three other colours are available, they include Grand Prix White, New Formula Red and Moonlock Metallic.  The Mark43 line are developed in resin with closed-body design.  Each piece is listed below with model number. PM4310SBL Continue Reading...
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