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New From Premium ClassiXXs, Premium-X & WhiteBox

The remaining three announcements come from three different brands.  Each are owned and manged by Model Car World.  If you’re interested in these examples or any of the models found in the last five articles head over Model Car World to learn more or purchase your favorite. The first is the awesome 1:18 Mercedes Unimog 416 DoKa from Premium ClassiXXs.  Continue Reading...
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Premium ClassiXXs November Releases

We haven’t heard much from Premium ClassiXXs is the less while or so, today we end the drought as we present a few new releases for November.  The feature model is the 1:43 LIAZ 706 MTTN Truck/Trailer combo.  The second a 1:12 Porsche 356 A Coupe in Black.  Suggested retail is 99 and 249 Euro respectively. Product# PCL47037 / PCL40015...
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Premium ClassiXXs New Mercedes L3500, ARAL 1960

Premium ClassiXXs shows off their new 1:43 Mercedes L3500, ARAL 1960.  The lovely Blue/White colour theme displays well.  This piece might be scaled in 1:43, but it stretches almost 12 inches in length.  Retail is suggested @ 99.95 Euro. Product# 213736...
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Premium ClassiXXs June Deliveries

If you’re fan of military scale pieces the team at Premium ClassiXXs might have something for you.  The feature model finds the 1:43 Raupenschlepper ATS-59G.  Suggested retail is 69.95 Euro.  Other new material in 1:43 scale includes the following: Product# 217284 /  213848 / 217283 / 217283 /  217286 / 217285...
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Premium ClassiXXs New 1:12 Porsche 356A Coupe Silver

A classic Porsche, the 356A Coupe can now be enjoyed in 1:12 scale.  The team at Premium ClassiXXs has just released their latest version of the classic Porsche.  Model is manufactured in resin but does share space with a few metal parts.  Retail is roughly $225US.  It is now in stock at MODEL CAR WORLD! Product# PCL40016...
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REVIEW: Premium ClassiXXs Volkswagen T1 Flatbed ‘Porsche’

Since it’s December, I thought it would be fitting to review Santa’s Sleigh, not in the traditional sense, but in four wheel form. The stunning red 1:18 Premium ClassiXXs Volkswagen T1 flatbed platform ‘Porsche’ trailer was recently released by the brand. Two versions were made available by Premium ClassiXXs, one red as featured here, and the second, Beige Reinstall Bunker. Both Continue Reading...
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