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Trax 1:18 Resin Ford Capri

Ford Capri fans may be interested in the latest release from Trax.  The RHD Australian (Green) and LHD North America (Red) versions of the Capri are now available for pre-order.  Suggested retail is $94.95, pre-order price is $89.95. About the Ford Capri… “The Capri came about because of a Ford Australia project to build an export vehicle.  It was styled Continue Reading...
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Trax 1:24 1976 VK Chrysler Charger Limited Edition

Once in a while you come across a new brand in the hobby.  Trax isn’t new to collectors from Australia but they might be new to those outside their immediate audience.  The White Knight Special hailed by some was originally released in limited numbers,  200 to be exact.  100 of them produced in Arctic White and another 100 in Amaramte Continue Reading...
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