First Look: Automodello Noble M600 - Baby Blue •

First Look: Automodello Noble M600 – Baby Blue

The Noble Automotive M600 was announced by Automodello back in August 2014.  Today we present a first look at their prototype 1:43 scale replica.  The exterior colour is definitely a win in Baby Blue and retail remains true as it did back in 2014, suggested at $119.95US.  Model is resin and closed-body.  If interested Automodello is accepting pre-order today.

am_AM43-NOB-M60-BB am_AM43-NOB-M60-BB2 am_AM43-NOB-M60-BB6

am_AM43-NOB-M60-BB4 am_AM43-NOB-M60-BB3


Product# AM43-NOB-M60-BB

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2 Responses to "First Look: Automodello Noble M600 – Baby Blue"

  1. Porsche993 says:

    Dunno, for some reason this looks more like a toy to me compared to other resin models in the same price range. *shrug*

  2. dayglo says:

    Agreed. Boring car, and overpriced, as most of this line is.

    Watch for the price to be discounted when these fail to sell, just like Automodello has done with their Avanti and some of their other models.

    Wait around a year or so, and you can get this for sixty bucks if you still want it!


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