First Look: Bburago Signature Ferrari 488 GTB •

First Look: Bburago Signature Ferrari 488 GTB

Fans looking to fill the gap since the departure of the Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari license will be eager to see the latest Signature release from Bburago.  The Signature 1:18 488 GTB is due this year.  First photos of the pre-production prototype do look promising.  The most obvious differentiation from Hot Wheels Elite is this model features fully closed windows, no half-ass job here.  Shut-lines and panel gaps look very good too.  Also the camber or loose wheel effect is much better than the Race and Play we saw earlier this year.  One thing I don’t like is the colour combination, I’m a more traditional fan of the Ferrari Red and Silver wheels.  Let’s hope this option is on the list.

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  1. Porsche993 says:

    Oh BB please make a good 288 GTO, F355 and 360 Modena! Sure, HWE had a fairly decent F355, though I’m not a big fan of those half down side windows and panel gaps as big as a sink hole! None of the 360s ever released in 1:18 were up to snuff, with HW’s having a bad, inaccurately-shaped front that rides too high and the original cheap-looking 360 from BB itself. If BB makes accurately-shaped 996s too down the road they’ll get my hard-earned $$$!

  2. Etienne says:

    Hi guys! I have 2 requests. Please Bburago,make us a nice 1/1t scale Ferrari F12 TDF,yellow or red. And Maisto,please produce a 1/18 scale of the new W213 Mercedes E-Class,even the taxi version

  3. Shallot says:

    Really stunning!A must have for me.And I really hope BB can consider about smaller doglegs just like HW’s for the front hood

  4. uracco says:

    No, black wheels on supercars are just better.

  5. JS Coleman says:

    Bburago is on the up and up with their Signature series – and across the whole board. The California T was very nice, the 458 Speciale was excellent, and now this.

  6. Jase G says:

    Very happy to see a new addition to their signature line. While I’m sure there will be some improvements though, most I can make myself on a cheaper R&P version. I have just finished painting my R&P 488GTB and will be posting pics soon on my build page. That being said, I’m glad to see that BB/Maisto are attempting to create a slightly higher detailed version of some of their models. One last thing though, and I noticed this with the 50th Anniversary Mustang (not so much of the BB Signature La Ferrari) is that their claim to a “higher quality paint just doesnt seem to be the case. As I did not pick up the C7 Vette or the AMG GTmodels, perhaps someone else could chime in here. I still think they have a LONG WAY to go in the paint department. My complaint with the above mentioned model and pretty much all BBurago/Maisto models is that the paint is simply too thick. If any of you have ever stripped one of their models down to bare metal, as I have, you know that their paint application is so thick that it ends up completely filling in molded details and such. An example of this was suprising when I just stripped down the 488; the rear bumper lights are on the real car were so full of paint, their detail outline was virtually invisible. The same can be said for the small “bumper sensors” that look like pin holes on the real vehicle, the trim area around the cabin windows, 3rd brake light, and even the lines where panels meet up and such. Simply stripping and repainting any run of the mill release of a BBurago/Maisto GREATLY improves the overall look. I’ve painted my 488 black and I personally think that it looks absolutely phenominal. Lastly, while the suspension on most of their models is weak, to me their models are probably the easiest to fix camber/wheel spacing issues on.

    • Frank says:

      As modellers, you and I know that the perfect paint finish can only be achieved by hand. That’s why the bodywork on models from GTS, Tecnomodel, Ignition to name but a few looks like it should. Mechanically applied paint is never going to look this good. But handwork has it’s price and if BB is to maintain it’s competitive price strategy, this is not an option for them.

    • JS Coleman says:

      I was of the opinion that the Signature range would have just a little bit more detail than the Race & Place counterparts, but having compared the Signature LaFerrari and California T with the R&P versions, let me tell you – there is a very big difference.

      I made some significant cosmetic changes to the R&P LaFerrari, but decided that I might as well get the Signature version to join the rest. And in doing so, I realized that there is something between the two that cannot be replicated by mere Tamiya paints.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jase G,

      Where can I view your nero 488?

  7. EDIB says:

    if BB can fix the dog leg issue, im liking this one! convertible too please :)

  8. Eric says:

    I blacked out rims and side vent doesn’t bother me as much as the blacked-out roof.
    Hopefully, they will made more versions as well as other colors.

  9. Guillermo says:

    When is aviable this model please? it’s good

  10. Guillermo says:

    Pleese, we need a review of this model for buy it !! thank you.

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