GT Spirit New Porsche/RWB 964 Duck Tail •

GT Spirit New Porsche/RWB 964 Duck Tail

More news from GT Spirit camo, their latest offering is the 1:18 Porsche/RWB 964 Duck Tail.  Model is a slight departure of the RWB’s of the pass.  This example is less aggressive with the lack of large rear spoiler and toned-down colour option.  We wonder what colours any dealer special editions might?  Look for this one to be released in September 2017.

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3 Responses to "GT Spirit New Porsche/RWB 964 Duck Tail"

  1. scott says:

    love these, ck models is decideing on colors cant wait to see what they bring out, i know pink (ruby stone?)iwas in the works by GT Spirit.

  2. Ollie says:

    Surely the whole RWB thing has been done to death by now. There are so many other models out there to be done.

  3. Porsche993 says:

    Is this silver or gray? Can’t tell from the photos.

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