Maisto and Bburago Exclusive Ferrari License Agreement •

Maisto and Bburago Exclusive Ferrari License Agreement

Well the rumors were ramped over the last several months as to how would obtain the exclusive Ferrari license based on Hot Wheels/Mattel agreement expiring at the end of 2014.  The wait is over, Maisto and Bburago have been granted the license agreement officially as per Bburago’s website.

Is this a good or bad decision for the Ferrari brand?  What are your thoughts?  IMO I’ll truly miss the efforts from Hot Wheels Elite team, definitely the best bang for the buck in the diecast business today.  A true loss…

“Hong Kong (November 2014)
The May Cheong Group Announces Exclusive Ferrari License Agreement

The May Cheong Group, manufacturers of the famous die-cast and radio control replica brands Maisto and Bburago, has announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with Ferrari. The multi-year deal , commencing January 2015, grants MCG the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Ferrari replicas throughout the world.

MCG has been manufacturing die-cast vehicle replicas for almost 40 years in their own factories, and have had an ongoing relationship with Ferrari for more than 25 years. Bburago, a die-cast brand from Italy that MCG acquired in 2005 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015, has an even longer history with Ferrari. The planned 2015 launch includes four ranges of products within the Bburago brand – Signature Series, Racing, Race and Play, and Ferrari Kids. More than 100 cars will be launched prior to the middle of next year. Additionally, Maisto will continue to offer Ferrari model kits, radio control products, as well as other die-cast replicas.

“We are extremely pleased and humbled that we were able to reach this agreement with Ferrari,  the preeminent automobile brand in the world,” said Roger Ngan, C.E.O. of MCG. “For 47 years our company has been laying the groundwork, establishing a worldwide distribution network, creating state of the art factories and, most importantly, developing strong relationships that enable us to produce fantastic die-cast replicas. We look to do even more in the coming years.”
More news regarding the products, including scale, titles, and availability, will be available on the Bburago website

More news regarding the products, including scale, titles, and availability, will be available on the Bburago website later this year.
About The May Cheong Group

The MAY CHEONG GROUP is a collection of affiliated companies working together to create innovative toy and replica products. The Maisto brand name was registered in 1990 by May Cheong, a vertically integrated manufacturer based in Hong Kong. The Bburago brand was acquired in 2005. MCG employs over 7,500 employees worldwide and maintains their own manufacturing facilities covering over 2,000,000 square feet. For more information, visit them at, , and follow them at,, and”

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19 Responses to "Maisto and Bburago Exclusive Ferrari License Agreement"

  1. Hassan says:

    I think AUTOart should get it really..haha, they would make some cracking models out of the Ferrari’s

  2. Eric says:

    So, what does this mean for the 1:18 HWE Ferrari LaFerrari that still hasn’t been released?

    • DS Team says:

      Nothing. Model is still on target to be released, though the expected delivery time is still not 100% cemented. My US source states it is arriving early 2015 in North America.

  3. Patrick says:

    Very bad :-( poor detailing by those manufacturers.

    Now I might have to buy the expensive MR and BBR but they are awesome!

  4. Zaita says:

    I don’t think that’s good news for us, high-end Ferrari diecast collectors. Would def prefer Autoart or Kyosho to pick up the license. Bburago is not something that I would put on my display shelf…

  5. Claudio says:

    If this is going to happen we are in deep deep deep trouble, come on this 2 brands are no good at all, I’d rather have Autoart even thow we could pay much more but graet quality and please no Kyosho they are not doing great work nowadays they have become sloppy.

    • Howard90 says:

      over the last few years, both Minichamps and Kyosho has become sloppy in their models. Although AutoArt remains pretty consistent, on the exception of some models.

  6. rochester says:

    I have no doubt this is at least partially the result of Sergio Marchionnes work….his only concern has always been and always will be how much can HE ‘collect’….so the license goes to the highest bidder(s). I WOULD NOT BE THE LEAST SURPRISED TO SEE MAISTO AND BURAGO FERRARI MODELS JUMP IN PRICE….WHAT HAPPENS TO THE QUALITY REMAINS TO BE SEEN. There are enough examples of different levels of finesse in the market….we’ll see which way these brands go.
    If they do no more than what I’ve seen on the new C7 Corvette, I’m afraid there will be no ‘new’ Ferraris in my collection.

    • claudio says:

      Why did Mattel lost the license? They were coming along with better quality even when some models had fales but still pretty good. Their biggest disaster was the Elite version of the Enzo 1/18 starting with the wheels which were to narrow and the aspect height was too big they looked like band wagons and I had to replace them with a fxx foundation tires and rims, looked way better. Also the doors wouldn’t stay opened, the grill on the motor was glued to a wall of metal ( why not just put a mesh and you can see the inside of the engine without opening it which of course it’swas corrected and also a lack of detail inside which I know its pretty plain but it helps a litte. I hope we get better detailing with the LaFerrari being its last model coming out of Mattel. Anybody knows someting about the 458 Speciale? Thanks and let’s try to be patience my fellow collectors who are like me suffering these awful times in Ferrari collecting… hehehe

  7. gevad7919 says:

    Maisto and Bburago……toys for childs!! Very sad for collectors you want quality models.

  8. daniel says:

    Kyosho fa le ferrari in collaborazione con BBurago in scala 1:43

  9. Caveat Lector says:

    Very disappointed with Maisto/Bburago getting the Ferrari license for 1/18 die cast. While I would have preferred AutoArt, Minichamps, or Kyosho (I have their 1/18 F-40 Lightweight and Testarossa… things of beauty with great quality and meticulous attention to detail), Hot Wheels Elite line were very satisfying, for the most part; although not to the same standards as the aforementioned companies, their high end line provided a good bang for the buck in terms of quality versus price (I have Elites of the F-430, F-458 Italia, both very good overall, and their recently released La Ferrari, which is a step back in quality compared to the others… but not horrendous).

    The problem with both Maisto and Bburago is that I have yet to see anything they’ve ever released that I could consider anywhere near good (I was given a Bburago Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione as a present and it is somewhat passable from 5 feet away, but woefully lacking in detail on close inspection). Recently I’ve been looking to score a 288 GTO, and although Hot Wheels’ lacks detail (no pop up headlights, for instance — and their Elite version was a added-paint-application joke) it looks considerably better than Bburago’s incredibly primitive toy-ish version. So, until I see otherwise, I have no confidence in either Maisto or Bburago to produce anything I’d be willing to add to my collection.

  10. Stephen Yeung says:

    Bburago is aiming children and basic line for (TOY Ferrari) , under US$50-$70. But it’s good news for children、students or someone don’t want to pay to much money for Ferrari diecast model. I strong recommend BBR and MR, they are good quality , special 1:18 series FXX K, it’s so nice. I already got one. We have more choice for Ferrari diecast models this year. 2016 from Bburago, 1:18 SF-15T is good quality.

  11. Peter says:

    So three years had gone and we can clearly see that it was a very bad decision. As a collector of die cast and resin 1/18 Ferraris (165+ at the moment) I can’t understand what is going on behind the curtains. In 2017 Bburago made only 2 new models: the FXX-K and the SF70H and we have only 4 since they have the agreement (the Cali-T and the 488 GTB – the 458 Sp. and LaFerrari was already made by HW). In this period Ferrari made a lot of cars:

    458 Sp Aperta
    458 MM Speciale
    488 GTS, GTE, GT3, Challenge
    F12 TRS
    F60 America
    Touring Superleggera
    SP275 RW
    F12berlinetta SG50
    SP Arya
    the Sergio, both the Concept and road version
    SP FFX
    F12 SP America
    GTC4Lusso T
    812 Superfast
    LaFerrari Aperta
    …maybe more

    AFAIK Bburago will have only one or two new Ferrari models in their 2018 catalog: the SF18H (or however Ferrari will name it) and probably the 812 Superfast.

    I’m sure May Cheong Group paid a lot of $$$s to Ferrari for the rights and can’t understand why they don’t use it. Are they close to bankruptcy and don’t have enough money to make the moulds? Or doesn’t one other than me want to buy 1/18 Ferrari models at reasonable price? I personally can’t afford to pay >300€ a month for models but would be happy to buy at least 10 Bburago Signatures a year.

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