Make Up | Vision Singer 911(964) Targa •

Make Up | Vision Singer 911(964) Targa

Another stunning piece comes from the Make Up gang.  This time around we have the 1:43 Singer 911(964) Targa from their Vision series of models.  We love the retro Gold/Brownish colour set against the Black/Brown interior.  Five colours are scheduled for release, they include: Gold (as featured), Gun Metallic, Navy Blue, Orange w/ side decal, and Deep Purple w/ side decal.

Product# VM135A / VM135B / VM135C / VM135D / VM135E

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  1. Andrew says:

    Why is no one making the 1:18 singers. Im sure GTS have some licensing issues as they wont give .me a streight answer given they showed some proto types about a year ago of the gulf and tagra. Cult models just looks a bit off for some reason.

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