Minichamps 1:18 McLaren MP4-12C – First Photos •

Minichamps 1:18 McLaren MP4-12C – First Photos

News from a member earlier today reported the Minichamps McLaren MP4-12C had been released in Asia (thanks David).  Customers had already obtained models and photos were already appearing on Flickr and international websites.  At first I thought it was a hoax, but atlas I was wrong.  It is funny how no news is reported from the horses mouth that being Minichamps.  Are these models stolen from a manufacturing facility or hand sample?  Maybe, but I’m glad it’s here!

The model itself looks great!  I know photos can sometimes be deceiving but early images are showing well.  Beautiful paint, nice exterior lines, and a well appointed interior.  It also features a functional rear spoiler.  If the model is priced right this could be a successful venture for Minichamps!

minii_mclarenmpc123  minii_mclarenmpc124  minii_mclarenmpc122

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