Norev Porsche 962 C - 24h of Daytona 1986 Exclusive! •

Norev Porsche 962 C – 24h of Daytona 1986 Exclusive!

Another exclusive 1:18 Porsche 962 C in now available @ Little Bolide and CK Model Cars, the 1:18 24h of Daytona 1986 that is.  The model is crafted in metal with closed body design.  It features the #5 car and drivers Akin, Stuck, and Gartner.  There is also an added decal sheet included.  See photos for more details.  Retail on this puppy is less than 60 Euro, not too shabby.


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6 Responses to "Norev Porsche 962 C – 24h of Daytona 1986 Exclusive!"

  1. Roberto says:

    Why do companies do this with the stickers? Is it a licensing thing? It always makes me nervous that I will mess up the stickers and have wasted $60.

  2. Marek says:

    Yes, it doesnt make sence, as it is not cigarette advertising…But what bothers me more is, that these are off course decent models for the money, only to be ruined with not proper liveries. If this supposed to be 1986 Daytona car, than this livery is I think the worst, comparing to the real car, from all Norev 962s issued…

  3. Inquisitor says:

    According to the excellent website ‘Racing Sportscars’, it was works chassis 113.
    Most of it’s Coke career can be seen in this listing, showing variations of scheme.

  4. Herb says:

    Bought the #17 rothmans and it also seems a bit off …front window decals and whatnot, but hey ain’t gonna find another brand that sells it for this price…and yeah careful with the decals….I ended up messing up the big logo that goes on top of the wing.

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