Lifting the Scale Automobile! • Lifting the Scale Automobile!

Words and photos courtesy of Wes Shakirov


Like most collectors, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with the ever present issue of diminishing space. Cabinets can only take so many models before they begin bursting at the seams, looking more like a flea market than a tastefully displayed collection. One solution is to modify the cabinet and have extra glass shelves made. However, at the prices glass makers are charging to make a single shelf, it would actually be cheaper to buy a whole cabinet, keep the glass shelves, and throw out the rest, than to have 5-6 additional shelves made for your standard IKEA Detolf or Klingsbo. comes to the rescue with simple and elegant acrylic stands of various shapes and sizes to suit your displaying needs. We received several of them to review and they’re very effective at maximizing shelf space and adding a little extra something to your display case. Some models only look good from certain angles (looking at you, CMC Aston DB4 Zagato), so one of these stands easily exposes that best angle and keeps your eyes coming back to the model.

Are you one of those people that don’t like to display more than two models per shelf? No worries. The acrylic is totally transparent and is a minimal presence, elevating one of your models above the other two and making everything look a lot less cramped in the process. You can also experiment with angles, to see which configuration works best. Sometimes you have three models that follow a similar theme and it’s great to display them together rather than separately.

Another plus is that tire degradation becomes a non-issue. We all know that the compound used to make tires on most diecast models doesn’t like pressure or to be in contact with any surface. Bald patches develop eventually, and some even start leaking an oily fluid. With some of these acrylic stands, your model is suspended in the air, and the tires are a safe distance from any undesired chemical reaction.

scalecarsphotography_liftingthecar5My favourite configurations are the tall and angled ones, because they allow you to utilize all of the space in a single shelf and the models end up looking awesome. Some of them also have ridges, so the model doesn’t roll away. The smaller tilted ones are also great, but they don’t work too well with models with flat undertrays, as those simply slide off. extend a 10% discount to DiecastSociety forum members, so head over there and check some out for yourself. They’re very affordable, are packed very safely, and are of very high quality. I think I will be getting several more myself. We invest a lot of money into our models, so it makes sense to spend a little more to add another dimension to our collection, literally and figuratively.

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