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Model Maniac
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News Story Format

Post by Model Maniac » Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:05 am

Just an observation, and food for thought. I am not overly fond of the new trend on the news page of having some topics that stay at the top of the list for days on end with the newer articles being listed below those. To elaborate on that, I used to go to the news page and if I saw the top article was the same as my last visit, I would move on to another page or website, assuming nothing new had been posted. Then, I caught the fact that DS was keeping an article at the top of the list for several days to over a week and listing newer articles below that. Thus, I had been missing newer articles by moving on. Now, the number of "more important" articles has grown to 2 and even, at the time of this writing, up to 3 articles that have remained at the top of the list above newer topics. Certainly, DS can format it's page any way they want, but my point is that there are probably many readers see that the first few articles are the same as their previous visit, assume that nothing new has been posted and move on to another page, missing out on newer diecast news. I think it would be best for readers if it went back to simply listing articles in order of date. Just an opinion.

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Re: News Story Format

Post by [KRAFTIG] » Tue Nov 24, 2020 12:09 pm

I love the feedback! But in all honestly it only takes a few seconds to scroll down to see if there are in fact new articles, and with DS there usually is an update daily if not multiple updates daily. We try our best to keep "sticky" posts to 1-2 but Q4 proves somewhat challenging based on sponsorship demand.

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