How to remove cigarette smoke from die-cast model cars with Ozone

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How to remove cigarette smoke from die-cast model cars with Ozone

Post by CARBON FIBER » Sat Aug 28, 2021 6:17 pm

To remove cigarette smoke from die-cast model cars with Ozone.

You will need :
-Ozone generator
(Airthereal Ozone Machine 10000 mg/h High Capacity O3 Ionizer Odor Remover-Fireproof Tested by SGS, Yellow)
-Plastic sealable container big enough to hold the generator and whatever you want to treat.
-A hole saw or plastic knife.
-Scrap cardboard.

- Remove tires from wheels because the ozone cannot reach the space between the wheels and the inside of the tires.
- Open doors, trunks, hoods and separate body panels from the model if you can.
-Keep notes on treatment (bake and soak) times and the results.

- Ozone is dangerous when inhaled so DO NOT do this indoors!
- DO NOT smell the model when you remove it from your treatment container
without airing it out first with a fan for at least 15 mins!
- Do not wash the model with water, vinegar or alcohol before Ozone treatment.
The ozone gas will react with water, vinegar or alcohol and damage your

Step 1 :
Cut hole in a container for the generator power plug.
Place container and Ozone generator somewhere outside near an outlet.
Step 2 :
Place model or models ( plus tires ) inside the container and use scrap cardboard
to create extra shelf space if you need to.
Step 3 :
Set timer on Ozone generator for any time below 30 mins.
Step 4 :
Seal container with lid and plug generator into an outlet.
Step 5 :
Allow Ozone generator to run ( bake ) for no more than 30 mins
Do not remove the lid. Let model (soak) in Ozone gas for 1 Hr.
Step 6:
Remove model or models from container and allow 1Hr to air out
or air out with a fan for 15 mins.

If everything goes well the smell of cigarette smoke will be gone and you are done.
If you still smell cigarette smoke then you may need
to repeat the bake and soak process 2 or 3 times.
After the first treatment, you will need to check if the model needs and can handle more ozone.

Pay very close attention to the chrome-plated and metal parts of your model for the beginning signs of oxidation (green specs or streaking) after your first and all following treatments. If you do see the beginning signs of oxidation. That model or part has reached its treatment limit.

If you decide on a 2nd and 3rd treatment then extend only the soak time to 4Hrs per treatment.
The bake time builds up the ozone in the container but the soak time is when all the work is really done. I hate to say this but a very small percentage of models cannot be fully cleaned with ozone. A model exposed to cigarette smoke for 20 years will be much harder to treat than a model with 5 years of exposure.

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Re: How to remove cigarette smoke from die-cast model cars with Ozone

Post by [KRAFTIG] » Sat Aug 28, 2021 8:17 pm

Thanks for the info. Moved to the "Model Care & Replacement Parts" forum and added it as a forum sticky too. And welcome to DS!

FOR EVERYONE ELSE - does not have any affiliation with the above or can or cannot disprove its effectiveness at solving your challenges with smoke issues. FOLLOW THE ABOVE AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM

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