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Post by bustinthings » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:07 pm

Has any one successfully ordered a model from them? I was attempting to do this, however, I'm encountering is a series of red flags that scream SCAM.

1. Website that sometimes works
2. No security when creating an account
3. Seller in another country
4. Money either directly deposited into their account or a person to person Paypal transfer
5. Several typos in email
6. Email for payment instructions is a gmail account

The price of it is quite steep, i'm just not sure it is worth the risk.

Thanks for reading.


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Post by [KRAFTIG] » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:21 pm

Our team has had several conversation with the team. They were also very courtesy to send us a few samples of their product line, one the RS7. Yes the price isn't cheap, but well worth it. Also English is not their first language so some things do get lost in translation.

Review below for your viewing pleasure ;) ... sportback/


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