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Post by AutoHausModels » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:55 am

Hi guys my name is Thomas Laurent. Im from Dallas TX.

Im 26 years old and Ive been collecting models pretty much all my life with my dad. We started from 1:64 hot wheels and moved up gradually to 1:18 scale.

most i had in my collection was in 2014 was about 140 diecast. But that year my mother was diagnosed with cancer and i had to sell most of my cars and was left only with 2 most favorite cars. It was Silver and Black 1:18 Autoart Mercedes S63 AMG. But upon selling the models i realized i was making some money on them so had idea to get into Diecast business. Later in 2015 with help of good friend in Dallas and some funding me and my dad started our family business Autohaus Models.

Before my mother was sick we were collecting all type of cars we didn't have any theme in our collection, because we are so passionate about cars it was hard to skip any model.

So after her recovery being in the business of model cars we realized we cant just collect everything we needed a theme to limit, so we decided to narrow down collection to only AMG models since before GT Spirit and OTTO came out there were very few AMG models. Little after GT Spirit and Otto came out with their regular AMG releases we had to stop our AMG Collection too. For while i was enjoying models when i would open, take pictures for our business. Many clients that we were communicating directly would ask what do we collect our answer was nothing.Was little embarrassing but we decided we need to get back in the game.

So i came up with a new theme. Ive been a big fan of Audis Nardo Gray color, and seems like grey color is trending now. Almost every single car manufacturer now produces that light Grey color. So me and my dad we decided to focus on grey color collection.

Our collection so far consists of Spark and Minichamps Porsche models, and MR Ferrari and Lamborghini models.

Even tho through our business inventory we see so many beautiful models that we want to keep but this theme helps us to limit ourselves and keep Hobby and Business separate.

Looking forward to meet many new fellow collectors

Thank you

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Post by Less-Resin » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:19 pm

Hello Thomas, I had a look at your site, and you have some terrific models for sale. I've owned several Audi's , but had to look up the Audi Nardo Gray ! Definitely a cool color, although my favourite is silver metallic with black accent trim! Looking at your site I also learned of another model manufacture I had not heard of ," Davis & Giovanni " . Where would they rank compared to BBR,Looksmart, and Made up ? Anyway, wishing you success in your new venture, you're following your passion, so you should do well !Will

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