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Back and better than ever

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:30 pm
by SkyJett1205
When i was in jr. High school I ordered my first 1:18 diecast model. It was a gloss black Dodge Viper R/T. I ordered it through felt like it took all summer to be delivered. Fortunately my local hobby store started stocking them and then you could find them all day long at Toys R Us and KB Toys.. $25 to $35. I had everything. Early 60's Cadillac and Impala, 70 GTO Judge and Chevelle SS, Ferrari F40 and F50, Bugatti EB110, Jaguar XJ220, Ford GT90 Concept... I could go on. Problem was I played with them like huge matchbox cars. The boxes got lost, they would eventually get piled up in a cardboard box and they disappeared after I moved out of my parents. Fast Forward to almost 40 yrs old. I just had my first and probably only kid and its a boy. I obviously hope he is into cars and doing little upgrades and customizations to his real car as i am. But one day I was in Sam's club and spotted a stack of 1/18 scale Maisto for $15. I felt like i had suddenly fell back in time. I debated for multiple visits on buying the Laferrari, my favorite car at one time. I said what the hell it's $15 and something else to share with my son. I began saying what the hell everytime I was in Sam's. Suddenly I had 17 Maisto and had been on Ebay and the internet buying a few crazy "Whips" series from Hot Wheels and Welly NEX and Autoworld. Then one day i broke down and bought my first Autoart. I had never fathomed spending that much on a model car but when i got it I wanted nothing less from all my models. Before i could blink I had three $150-200 models showing up at a time, plus about 25 models i didn't want Now i have well over 30 high quality models. Mostly from Autoart. About half n half composite and diecast that i was able to get a good price on from auction. Although I did pay $300 for the Nissan Skyline Gtr R33 Nismo R-Tune in matte black. The rest are made up of some Kyosho, Hot Wheels Elite, a super nice dark metallic green Bentley gt3 R from Almost Real. Probably my biggest splurge so far is a diecast Ferrari F12 TDF from BBR in matte green with orange accents. I posted all the lower grade models on Ebay and sold all but 8 so far. Its really helped the financial whirlwind I my family says sometimes I need an intervention. I obviously plan to take of them this time around, but i buy them to enjoy them nonetheless. I don't buy sealed models and don't just stair at them through a clear window with plastic tabs holding it shut everywhere. I'm willing to accept the consequences of driving it off the know. I've already bought my son numerous 1:32 scales that pull back and light up even though he really had no idea what they were. But literally as I'm typing this introduction, he is 14 months old and started saying a new word this weekend. It sounds like "gaw" from his mouth. I didn't want to assume anything. Sure enough his little butt started heading towards those 4 wheeled pieces of fine jewelry saying the word over and over. Sure enough he's saying "car". MY BOY!!! But hands off these son. I love you sorry for the life story. Thanks for letting me share

Re: Back and better than ever

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:41 am
Welcome to DS! Everyone has a starting point and memory...