Best, Most: Detailed, Realistic 1:18 Manufacturer By Far?

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Best, Most: Detailed, Realistic 1:18 Manufacturer By Far?

Post by Alvin777 » Mon Sep 25, 2023 2:07 am

Hello Die-Cast/Metal-Glass-Rubber-Leather (no to plastics as much as possible) miniature vehicle friends.

If money is not an object, which vehicle (cars to trucks to cranes like Conrad all die-cast cranes which I played w/ as a kid, I wish I hadn't lost it) manufacturer creates the most realistic 1:18 (still practical enough to play with even as an adult/expensive fidget tool to relieve study and work stress), most articulated, most detailed (as separate parts that are maybe even working parts), most material accurate (uses real glass, real tire rubber, real leather, metal, as little plastic as possible) that's not powered to move (not a pull back spring, no batteries for electric motors, motors for locomotion) but can have servos for it's articulated parts (and lights, sound through speakers is optional)?

The most realistic by far I've played with on 1:18 or near that scale is by Conrad (the cranes had working winch and all die-cast telescopic boom).

Thank you.

God bless you.

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