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What to do with my cars?

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:00 am
by udoittwo
I'm new here. I'm hoping I can get some suggestions on how to sell my cars. My collection is very specific. I only collected 1967 GTO hard tops. I just had to sell my 67 GTO after 30 years and really don't want to see any reminders of it anymore.

I have 100 different cars. There are variations, card errors, ect. Most are 1/64 Hot Wheels, 20+ 1/64 Johnny Lightening, Matchbox, Racing Champions, and a few 1/25 and 1/18. Just a lot of different cars.

Most are common from the late 90s but some are fairly hard to find.They are all in original packages in a smoke free house but dusty.

I was wondering how to sell them? As a lot, 1 at a time, or? Should I try to remove the dust, if so what is the safest way?

Thanks for your time and any answers,

Re: What to do with my cars?

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:44 am
Hi, welcome to DS. The best but less efficient way is to sell individual. So some research on value. This will also depend of condition, rarity, with or without box??? Use local online classified or eBay as resource to find a base price or starting point. Though the the end of the day a model is worth what someone else is willing to pay.

Yes, cleaning would yield the best returns. Start with canned air then brush away access and cheap paint brush (dollar store special) and q-tip like apparatus. A little water and polishing cloth a welcome too. Adding wax and polish may return better results but will require much more time to execute with perfection and without damage. Good luck!