Make Up ** Proceed with Caution **

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Make Up ** Proceed with Caution **

Post by [KRAFTIG] » Sat Apr 23, 2022 12:47 pm


Make Up Proceed with Caution

The team has received a number of emails in regards to the latest news from Make Up – where is the news? In short, we have taken the position to no longer support this brand. That means there will be no further highlights that support news or reviews. This decision was not taken lightly by no means, but the theatre, lack of support and dragging of one’s feet that transpired almost over a period of a year is by no means how any company should conduct itself, and extremely unanticipated for a Japanese company. You can thank the Managing Director Mr. Hideyuki Uemoto and his awesome Chief of Sales section Mr. Wataru Sasanuma (add sarcasm here).

There is no dispute Make Up can execute scale models. If your heart is set on supporting such a brand, do it through an authorized retailer, and one you trust or have a good relationship with. Otherwise, look elsewhere or proceed with extreme caution. There will be no further discussion here.

Happy Collecting – DS Team

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