ACME Mel Burns Ford 1965 Shelby GT350 Drag Car •

ACME Mel Burns Ford 1965 Shelby GT350 Drag Car

ACME is showing off their first ever Shelby drag car.  This 1:18 scale replica is crafted in metal with a full array of opening features.  The original drag car was driven to fame by Don McCain.  We should this beast on shelves in March 2018.  Only 500 pieces will be issued.  Retail is suggested $134.95US.

About the Shelby GT350 Drag Car…  “At the end of May 1965, the GT 350 project team was looking at building a car for NHRA B/Sports Production competition. The Dragonsnake Cobras made a name for themselves on the drag strip, why couldn’t the GT 350 do the same. Don McCain, a Shelby sales rep, approached Shelby American public relations head, Max Muhleman, about building a special drag car as a PR stunt. He asked that Shelby American supply the car, Goodyear would provide the tires, local Ford dealers would be offered the opportunity to sponsor the car, and the car was to be campaigned at seven major NHRA races in California. Shelby would build 13 drag GT 350’s built in total, nine were 1965 models, four were built in 1966. This Mel Burns Ford Shelby GT350 was the second drag GT350 produced.”

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