Automodello New 1:24 Scale 1954 Kaiser Darrin •

Automodello New 1:24 Scale 1954 Kaiser Darrin

News from Automodello bring forward a new 1:24 scale model, the 1954 Kaiser Darrin.  The model is developed in typical Automodello fashion, but key features for this project include removable, erect, boulevard, and down positions for the convertible top and option to display one door open or both doors closed (the Kaiser Darrin had unique sliding doors).  All 5 original colours will be made too.

About the “In the 1950s sports cars were a new concept in the US, with the few that were seen on its roads being mostly British. All that was about to change when the visionary designer Howard ‘Dutch’ Darrin pitched a radical two-seater roadster with a fiberglass body to automotive manufacturer Henry J. Kaiser.

By all accounts, industrialist Kaiser didn’t take kindly to Darrin’s flamboyant concept. Kaiser was a very conventional and practical sort of man and saw Darrin’s unashamedly sensual design, with its sweeping front fenders that plunged behind the innovative sliding doors into a ‘Darrin dip’ and its distinctive rosebud grille (which, it was commented, always looked like it wanted to give someone a kiss but was actually heart shaped) as was way too frivolous. Kaiser’s new wife, on the other hand, loved it and in that way that women have somehow managed to persuade him to run with the idea”

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