Team Norev is hinting at a new direction with diecast scale models. Their experimental BMW X6 M features a very cool Multi-function Lighting System (MLS for short).  We seen this level of detail with the trained aftermarket hobbyist, and in production form from manufacturer Metal 18.  With the pricing of models escalating yearly, what would this addition bring to the base cost?  We definitely think its a great concept, and might be viable in limited numbers, but we lean from a more purist perspective and rather have diecast metal, opening bits and great detail in the end.

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7 Responses to "Norev BMW X6 M | EXPERIMENTAL"

  1. George K says:

    That’s great, because who doesn’t like to sit in the dark and look at their model cars??

  2. Roberto says:

    I love it! Would def push me towards buying one of these!

  3. Sac says:

    Nice..will save me quite a few EUR..i get mine done outside and it costs an arm and a leg.tried to do the mod y myself and the results werent anything to write home about !

  4. Porsche993 says:

    Make one for the M2 and you got an instant purchase from me.

  5. Sac says:

    What is the expected release date, btw ?

  6. Karsten says:

    Definitely a future trend: I have the model of my daily driver lit by an aftermarket guy at the moment. Costs a fortune but will hopefully be an amazing result. I will certainly share it when ready.

  7. Domee says:

    Amazing! Although I’m not that much interested in the BMW X6 M I’d immediately buy one! Hope this will become a trend! *-*

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